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150 Years Celebration St. Patrick's High School
Cambridge Section


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Welcome to the Cambridge Section of St. Patrick's High School


We take pride in our strong academic reputation. We offer a wide range of classes, as well as several areas where students can concentrate on their studies.

When the students successfully conclude class 9, they will have a range of subjects to choose from that is a part of the CIE GCE O'Level curriculum. The range of subjects to choose from are mentioned below:

Compulsory Subjects:

* Mathematics
* English Language
* Urdu (Second Language)
* Islamiyat
* Pakistan Studies

Optional Subjects:

* English Literature
* Computer Studies
* Physics
* Chemistry
* Biology
* Principles of Accounts
* Business Studies
* Economics
* Statistics
* Environmental Management
* Additional Mathematics

We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Keeping our missionary ethos in mind, our classrooms are well-spaced in a ratio of 1:50 WITH an open and friendly setting that allows students to contribute to the learning.

From the subjects selection list students choose 8 compulsory subjects (five compulsory & 3 optional). Besides these eight subjects, they can have an additional 2 optional subjects, provided they have the potential to sustain themselves, showing proof of performance in class 9 (specially in Eng Lit & Mathematics) .



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